Wednesday, 11 May 2011


On Friday 6th May 2011 at 10pm republican prisoners started protest action against the failure of gaol admin/NIO to implement the 12th August 2010 agreement.

Shortly after they began protest action the riot squad entered their cells and attacked them before physically removing the prisoners. The prisoners were trailed out of their cells and along the landing.

3 prisoners, John Paul Wottoon, Mark McGuigan and Gerard McManus were stripped naked by the riot squad and then trailed around their cells (through the debris of the broken sink and toilet etc) before being trailed along the landing.  They have received injuries as a result.

The prisoners were then separated from the other prisoners not on protest, and are now on a different landing. Their cells have been stripped bare and they have no access to dry clothing. The sewage system is now faulty which means that when the other prisoners flush their toilets all the toilet waste is now flooding into their cells.

Since Friday night the prisoners on protest have been locked up under rule 7, and have not been able to make contact with their families. Gerard Mc Manus’ family were refused their family visit yesterday (Sunday).

Today the prisoners were informed that rule 7 had been lifted and that they would all be allocated 5mins to make a phone call.

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